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Making the right investment in business protection is a key element of success for today's smart business owners. Threats can range from theft through to fraudulent claims and subsequent litigation. All of these events will disrupt your business and impact your productivity and performance. A video security system consisting of reliable quality components and properly installed by licensed professionals can help to protect your property, your employees and your customers by acting as a deterrent against opportunistic and career criminals. In the event that misfortune does occur, a video security system can assist police to identify and apprehend criminals or provide evidence in court proceedings. As we frequently see on news bulletins, private security video systems can assist in the apprehension of persons committing offences in public locations within the range of a camera. 


The reasons for deploying video security are varied and often underestimated. Any business can benefit from the security and peace of mind that only a video security system can provide. Aside from providing protection against the obvious threats such as theft, recorded video can be used to identify workplace hazards, opportunities for process or procedure improvement, traffic bottlenecks in retail environments, suspicious activity, to resolve employee or customer disputes and even conduct analysis to improve product placement. These are just a few of the obvious benefits of video security systems. 


Bluefly specialises in the installation and integration of network cameras using IP or Internet Protocol, the same protocol that your computers, phones, tablets and other network devices use to talk to each other. IP connectivity represents the new era for video security devices, moving the industry into the digital age and away from the traditional analogue systems which were originally developed in the middle of the 20th century. IP devices such as cameras, video recorders and smart phones combine the power of the Internet to give the astute business owner access to security systems at any time and from any place. They do this is an almost seamless manner without the need for middle layer technologies required by analogue. IP camera technology brings with it true high definition clarity to video security and familiar terms such as 720p and 1080p, right up to 4K.

Bluefly's small form factor cameras are all powered by Power over Ethernet. This means greater reliably, discrete cabling and central power management which makes installing emergency backup power simple. Our cameras might be small but they're powerful, tough and unobtrusive. They do not look unattractive either inside or out and are less likely to be noticed and  damaged by criminals. 


Cameras can be powered using technologies such as Power over Ethernet which negates the need to install special power outlets in the vicinity of the camera. Bluefly only sources high quality equipment from reputable manufacturers. Our cameras take advantage of this technology which allows us to significantly reduce installation cost, centralise power management and implement high availability solutions with backup power units.  Intruders typically disable mains power when breaking in to a premises so using a backup power supply enables their actions to be recorded, often without their knowledge and at a time when, thinking they are safe, they become careless. In conjunction with quality night vision capability, this leads to a higher likelihood of apprehension by police based on video evidence. 



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