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We offer a range of specialised, professional services which are designed to substantially ease the burden of IT management and protect your business from risk and outage.


With services ranging from partially or fully managed systems, cloud services and through to more specific rapid deployment projects, Bluefly brings specialised skills to your business while enabling you to effectively manage budgets. 

Managed Services


For a fixed monthly charge, we will manage a portion or all of your IT infrastructure. Our flexible Managed Service Agreement states the services and support levels we provide. Support includes 24x7 system monitoring, proactive maintenance for servers and desktops, network management, user support, data protection and consulting advice. Learn more ....


Recommended for firms with more than 20 people or critical reliance on system reliability and with little or no in-house specialist IT capability. 


Prepaid Support


Discounted hourly rates are available for services purchased in blocks of 10, 20 or 50 hours. Dedicated hours can be allocated to scheduled maintenance or system checks. 


Recommended for firms wishing to supplement in house IT capability or who want reliable priority access to experienced professionals for more complex issues, support requests or short term projects.  


Casual Support


Our standard rates apply for onsite or remote support for general support requirements or short term projects. 


Recommended for small sites or new businesses with one server or fewer and basic network/system design and cloud services. 

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