• Craig Colnan

How Video systems help to grow and protect your business

When we started to visualise how this business would develop a few of years ago, I did a lot of research on reasons to implement a video security system. From our perspective, the immediate driving force was that we had experienced a break-in. When we called the police, one of the first questions that they asked was "did we have any video security?"  The answer was "no". The culprits were never apprehended.

This is the traditional approach to video security, or surveillance as the earlier breed of suppliers like to call it. Personally, I think that term has negative connotations and limits the opportunity for video to provide business with a useful tool. 

In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the more traditional “crime related” benefits of video and some of the newer business benefits that IP digital technology now brings us.

If I were to list a few of the traditional reasons why businesses implement video security, these would be them:

  • Video identification of intruders for use by law enforcement

  • Reduce employee and customer theft (or catch those perpetrating it)

  • Improve employee productivity. 

  • Act as a deterrent to crime.

  • Identify causes of damage and breakage to business assets

  • Video evidence in the event of a litigation claim, e.g. a customer claims to have slipped and sustained injury on your premises.

  • Time consuming dispute resolutions arising from events that become “he said, she said” accusations between customers and/or employees.

  • After-hours monitoring of premises and SMS alerts for events such as motion detection.

All of these are perfectly valid and worthwhile objectives. Just one event in any of these scenarios may pay for the system several times over, particularly when factors such as loss of goods, time, reputation and costs to fight court cases are considered.

There are other paybacks to using video security systems. Often these can be categorised as business improvement benefits. These can include:

  • Understanding customer behaviour, particularly with regard to retail store movement and product selection.

  • Assessing the interaction between customers and employees to identify opportunities for process improvement or the need for additional training. Don’t forget that this can also be used to identify exceptional performance and contribute to an employee reward scheme.

  • Analysing resource use. This might be a practical opportunity to ensure that equipment is returning value, that you are not paying landlords for car parking spaces which are not being used and that there is sufficient customer turnover of, say, tables in a cafe.

  • Triggering action when a particular event occurs. Maybe an important customer arrives at your premises and you want them to receive special attention. Techniques such as facial recognition can raise an alert, ensuring preemptive action by employees. This technique can also be used to initiate action in the event that corrective measures need to be taken, say when a known trouble maker enters the premises.

There are potentially many more ways that a video security system can help a business to develop a better understanding of the environment in which they operate, to grow the customer relationship, develop employee skills and increase revenue.

If you think that your business can benefit from the effective use of video, contact us today for a no obligation consultation and assessment. We’re here to help. 


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