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The traditional model for IT support is commonly referred to as "break - fix". This model assumes that when you, as the client, identify that something is wrong with your IT systems, you contact support and it is then fixed or scheduled to be fixed. In the meantime, you sit on your hands, unable to satisfy your customers and with the meter ticking on employee salaries. 


For your business, this model may provide some cost saving if systems rarely fail. However, you assume all of the risk. There is no predictability. Without proper safeguards, outage can be lengthy and system downtime equates directly to lost productivity, decreased profit and and, worst of all, opportunity for your competitors. 


A Managed IT Systems model means that for a flat monthly charge, a customised schedule of proactive system maintenance is undertaken, substantially reducing the risk of unplanned outage and allowing your business to run with a high degree of system reliability. We refer to this as our Managed Service Agreement.  

In simple terms, this means that you do what you do and we'll manage the IT. 


Infrastructure support is included in the flat fee, further reducing the unpredictability of IT support costs. 


The major benefits of a Bluefly Managed Services Agreement include:


  • one flat monthly fee, resulting in cost predictability and better ability to budget. 

  • customised schedule of services to suit your business

  • direct access to expert advice

  • prioritised response to support problems

  • additional services at no further cost

  • reduced risk of unplanned outage due to proactive maintenance

  • greater business surety 


Bluefly Added Bonus


As part of our commitment to our clients, we include the following client benefits with all of our Managed Service Agreement plans, meaning even better value:


  • free spam filtering for up to five public Internet domains (excluding cloud hosted accounts)

  • free backup with up to 250GB*1 space allocated on our managed online backup service 

  • up to two free disaster recovery tests per annum *2


For clients wishing to commit to a three year plan, we will provide and on-premises or cloud hosted server *3, further reducing client cost. 


*1 250GB space is the allocation of data in compressed format. The rate of data compression is subject to the types of files included. 

*2 Disaster Recovery testing is subject to the client using Bluefly approved backup software

*3 MSA provided servers remain the property of Bluefly. All business software must be purchased by and remains the property of the client. 

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