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So what exactly is a huddle room? Typically a huddle room is a strategically located, small space which allows people to meet and collaborate. The space is often a converted small meeting room which can provide a degree of intimacy and is free from noise and distraction, allowing participants to engage in a manner which maximises efficiency and encourages a free flow of ideas and contributions. 

Huddle rooms are used by small teams or individuals for a variety of reasons. Meetings in these rooms can be impromptu with the beauty of the huddle concept being to encourage the involvement of key players. Often, use of larger conference or board room facilities requires scheduling, preparation and waiting your turn. Large rooms also have more of a corporate atmosphere which discourages collaboration opportunities. Huddle rooms overcome these barriers and encourage participants to discuss ideas or issues while they are relevant. This leads to more involvement, shorter decision cycles, sharing of knowledge and better outcomes. 

Huddle rooms are generally equipped with high definition video and audio equipment but on a smaller scale than would be used in the board or conference room. Typical equipment in a huddle room includes the VC equipment, a suitable HD TV, a small central table and sometimes an interactive whiteboard or presentation equipped PC. Chairs are optional and often disregarded to ensure the meeting is conducted quickly and efficiently.  

Huddle rooms are convenient for conducting interviews, particularly across long distances. They are also great for discussing changes, presentations or innovations with suppliers and customers. Participants can join meetings with almost any Internet connected device which supports common VC platforms. In most cases, all that is needed is a web browser. 

Using video for customer interaction with business experts or sales people improves competitive advantage by facilitating more direct touch points without the need for time consuming site visits. This means that more customers can be engaged more frequently, quickly and efficiently. The difference between making the sale or retaining the customer may be the difference that video enables. The huddle room creates the intimate atmosphere that ensures that the customer feels that they are receiving personal attention. 

Finally, huddle rooms offer a nimble and budget friendly alternative to larger conference room installations. Up to four huddle rooms can be equipped for less than the cost of one conference room facility while offering up to four times the productivity potential of the one larger room. 

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