how we support your IT team

Sometimes things don't go smoothly. Your IT team might be flat out fighting fires, someone might be on leave, a recent resignation has disrupted the team, they don't have the time or skills to undertake a new project. Maybe there's a new office opening up and someone is needed to run the project. Sometimes just having a second opinion helps.


There are any number of reasons why IT tasks aren't being completed. We're all human. At times we all need a little help. 


This is where we come in. 


We can be involved as much or as little as you need us. Your team can concentrate on what they need to do and delegate or escalate other issues to us. We can manage specific projects or just mop us the daily chores. We still become immersed in your business and maintain a relationship so that, when needed, we can hit the ground running. 


Everything we do will be ticketed and itemised so that you know how we're contributing and returning value. 


Our "support your team" option is retainer based. This helps us to ensure that we are on top of factors affecting your business and that we are ready to help at short notice. It's good insurance and there when you need it. 


If you need more information or advice, feel free to call or contact us and we'll do what we can to help.  

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