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The National Broadband Network has revolutionised the way in which modern businesses operate in Australia. NBN connectivity has seen the speed and reliability of Internet connections increase significantly over where those businesses were previously restricted to ADSL availability. 

Inferior Internet capacity and reliability has long hampered the ability of business, particularly small business, to take advantage of emerging Internet technologies which rely of consistent, reliable fast connectivity. This, in turn, has hampered small businesses from being able to achieve cost reductions and improve their relationship with their customers. 

Business grade NBN offers business users the ability to reliably access services which have long been out of their reach. Cloud PBX, video conferencing and applications such as Office 365 and G-Suite all need high capacity broadband and the NBN now supplies that. It can truly revolutionise how a business performs, the customers it can attract and its position in a competitive market. 

So what type of business is best suited for NBN. Well, it all depends on what you want to do and how many people you have. Most small businesses, up to 20 people, will see immediate benefit. NBN improves the option for remote work, cloud applications, team collaboration, customer and supplier interaction, in fact a whole raft of opportunities await. Smaller businesses can now take advantage of services which were only available to large firms with lots of money to spend on Internet connectivity. 

Larger firms can also benefit from the costs savings to be achieved with business grade NBN. Although larger offices may need fibre services, many firms also have smaller offices in regional offices or interstate. These offices often have lower bandwidth demands or fewer people. Business NBN offers reliable connectivity at a substantially lower cost than dedicated fibre, thereby offering much better economy. 

NBN is an asymmetric service, meaning that download speeds are often several times faster than upload speeds. Different NBN plans offer different speeds and the plan speed quoted is often not achieved in the real world. Speeds can also vary at different times of the day, depending in local load on the network and how much back haul your ISP has purchased. We do not recommend second and third tier suppliers as they often underestimate demand and so their customers may experience inadequate performance. In conjunction with your Internet usage, these factors need to be considered when selecting a provider and a plan. 

Business NBN is available across all versions of NBN connections. Call Bluefly to learn what your best NBN options are. We'll help you onto the right plan with the right ISP in the quickest time possible. 

If you're considering an office relocation, let us advise you on the best Internet service for your requirements, location and budget. 

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