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If your business is reliant upon the Internet, and what business isn't these days, you will appreciate the massive advantage that a quality, high speed fibre Internet connection can provide.


Modern business services provided via the Internet include cloud telephony, hosted server and data solutions, video connectivity with team members, customers and suppliers, remote connection for field based employees, cloud application services such as Office 365 and Google G-Suite and many more. 


It's clear that the modern competitive business needs reliable, high capacity, low latency connectivity and a dedicated business fibre service meets that demand. 

Unlike most NBN services, fibre is available in a range of speeds ranging from 100 Mbs to 1 Gbs. That's 1000 megabits or roughly 12 times the speed of a NBN service. Additionally, with fibre, 1000 means 1000 so you can be confident of consistent capacity all of the time. Unlike NBN, fibre services are symmetric meaning that the download and upload speeds are the same. NBN services may have upload speeds as little as one quarter of the download speed. 

Why is this important? Because business users, particularly with cloud-centric applications upload as much or more data as they download. Cloud phone systems, for example, need to manage a connection in both directions at the same speed. Uploading files to cloud storage needs to be as fast as downloading otherwise employees lose productivity. 

At Bluefly, we focus on 400 Mbs and 1 Gbs business fibre services. We have found, through experience, that these options are highly reliable, meet the pricing sweet spot and will provide excellent results for businesses with many cloud services. Employee numbers up to several hundred per site can easily be supported. 

Call us to talk about your options. We can manage the entire process starting with liaising with the provider and managing the installation right through to having your business online with blindly fast Internet. 

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