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Office 365 provides wonderful set of tools which can help your team to share information, work collaboratively and generate great results. But how do you get there? Most firms already have an Office or Office-like product, email and maybe some collaboration tools. Frequently this set of applications just evolves and there's no coordinated workflow between them. It's just not efficient. 

This is were we come in.


So, how do we help? Well, first we will review how you operate now, find the good parts and then marry those to their 365 components. We'll then look at what you could be doing better and plug in the solutions to fix the problems.  

Once we have the plan and your approval, we will start working on the mechanics of transitioning to Office 365. This means establishing your 365 subscription, known as a Tenant, and then we'll connect that to your existing MS Active Directory, if you have one. You don't use AD, no problem. That's built into Office 365 as well. 

We'll get all your users defined and mailboxes configured. Then we'll execute the mailbox migration. If we can't do that seamlessly during business hours, we'll schedule it for a weekend or other approved, quiet period. 

Meanwhile, we'll be working on migrating your data to the cloud, if that's what you want. 

Throughout the process we will keep you informed with regular updates and plans. 

Once we've completed the migration, we will help you manage the system. We'll look after the user changes, backup, licensing and user support. We can even arrange training if you need it. 

We can transition your business from on premises MS Exchange or other local mail server, Google G-Suite, third party POP mail or whatever you can throw at us. 

We keep it as simple as possible so that you can focus on your business. 

Do you need to know more? Please call or contact us and we will be happy to help. 

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