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The traditional term "video conferencing" differs from video calls which are typically one to one conversations using mobile phones or laptops. Video conferencing is a rather grandiose and dated terms which, these days, is better referred to has "video meeting". 

Meetings don't have to involve lots of people. Two people can have a meeting but, just as in the office, the concept can extend well beyond two people and concurrently involve people in multiple locations.  

So, let's take a look at some of the benefits of video meetings... 

Meetings can be held a short notice and involve participants from almost any location. This significantly improves decision times, reduces the cost of travel and allows people, who would otherwise miss out, to be involved. 

Telecommuting and remote working are becoming common traits of modern business. These offer benefits in terms of flexibility and can even reduce the cost of running an office. However, working remotely can be isolating for some people. Video meeting can ensure that these people are involved in the business, have an opportunity to build relationships and interact with their colleagues and also ensure that they have current information and instruction. 

Meeting frequency can be increased. Without the limitations of obstacles such as travel, meetings can be held as needed and run quickly and efficiently. Follow up meetings can also be held quickly when needed. 

Voice only communication eliminates a significant part of total communication, that being body language. Even facial expression can add to the depth and meaning of a discussion, reducing the opportunity for misunderstanding and reducing the time it takes to convey a message. For example, when training, people will often say they they understand a message or instruction but their facial expression says otherwise. Verbal communication does not give the instructor an opportunity to question the delivery outcome. 

Being a visual medium, video meeting gives people the opportunity to show the other meeting participants something that may be relevant tot he discussion. This might be particularly useful when conducting a sales presentation or exhibiting a new product to colleagues. 

Using video meetings for training and education sessions enables trainers and instructors the ability to present to many more people, across geographic boundaries, in much less time than travelling to site would take. This maximises the productivity of the trainer and maximises the opportunity for people who may not otherwise have access to scarce training resources. Research indicates that when using video meetings to conduct education, the visual presence of an instructor significantly increases participant engagement and knowledge retention over situations in which the instructor is conducting the session with voice only. 

By incorporating tools such as interactive whiteboards and presentation sharing, video meeting enhances access and distribution of resources and knowledge that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. 

Businesses which adopt video meeting as a major element in team building, knowledge sharing and collaboration will find that their competitive position is enhanced and their people will form greater bonds and trust relationships. 

If you think that video meetings may benefit your business or you'd like to know more about the benefits of video meeting, why not contact us today. We'll be more than happy to help. Maybe we can have our initial chat through a video meeting.  

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